Thursday, June 13, 2013

Regaining My Song

As I sat in camp meeting this week, maybe it is me, but I kept hearing this reoccurring them about "getting back your song".  Dr. Mark Williams spoke about singing the songs in captivity, this was the first message of camp meeting.  This touched me deep. 
Next Mitchell Tolle mentioned about a song to sing, Mark Wallar did the same, finally last night I heard Jonathan Zeigler say, "Some of you are going to get your song back."  This has really intrigued me.  What is it about the song?
Personally I know I singing is a reflection of the mood I am in.  I also know that it is hard to sing a worship song long and still be down.   Songs touch us deep.  This is especially true when they are sung from our spirit. 
You feel these songs.   They run deep.   It is in your heart.  It is in your soul. 
Songs have always been an important part of worship.   Israel showed that.  The New Testament church sung songs. 
Today music is a staple in our society.   We have radio and cd players in our cars.  Music in the stores.  We have mp3 players and music on our phones.  We are surrounded with music.
The question is what am I singing?  I believe it reflects who I am.   This is not about style or the debate of secular vs. Christian music.  This is about who I am.
My prayer this week is that when I leave I have regained my song.  I feel like I have lost some of my song.  My focus is off.   My vision is too naturally focused.
I need the joy of the Lord in my life.  Maybe it is my reason to sing.  Maybe it is the joy of singing.  Maybe it is the song of hope that says everything will be okay.   Lord give me my song.  That song that no one else can sing about you.  That song that only you and I know.

So what is your song?  Below list your favorite song and briefly mention how it reflects you and your life.

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