Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Response to Phil Robertson

My heart is heavy as I read all the events of this week.  As most of you know by now Phil Robertson has been suspended from the Duck Dynasty show because of his remarks toward homosexuals. (He did say a few things on race issues but homosexuality has been the main topic.)

Duck Dynasty for many represents Christian values and morality.,  They have over 11 million viewers and are by far the biggest show on A&E.  They have a $400 million dollars business.  Phil Robertson is the head of the family.

Personally I am disappointed in the approach that Phil has taken.  I believe that his crude statements could have been better spoken.  When we as Christians stand for our Biblical values we must state them in respect for others.  I am all for Phil speaking his mind and standing for what the Bible believes but I wish he would speak it with less crudeness.

That being said this is less about a mans words and more about a difference in what the Bible teaches and what the agenda of the homosexual movement is trying to achieve.  All week long I have read and heard stories of their agenda being pushed.  A Methodist pastor goes against his church's teaching and marries a gay couple, the courts tell the states that their laws upholding marriage between one man and one woman to be unconstitutional, and the courts say that a business owner must bake cake and take pictures at a gay wedding or shut down.

This is running rapid and what we believe is not taken into consideration.   Christian beliefs are considered acharic and mean.  We are told that all we must do is love and never talk about evil. Yet to love means also to say what is wrong.

So what should our respone be?

1. Yes when we speak the truth always speak the truth in love. Ephesians 4:15
    We need to check our heart before we speak.
2. Let what we believe be based in scripture.  Let the scripture speak for it self. 2 Timothy 2:15
     The Bible has been around and survived a lot longer than we have.
3. Hold fast to our profession of faith and what we believe.  Hebrews 10:23
     We have a right to what we believe.
4. Know who our enemy is.  We are not battling flesh and blood but the enemy. Ephesians 6:12
    We are not fighting the person but the enemy.
5. Know that no matter what happens God has a plan. Jeremiah 29:11

Thanks for letting me express.  What do you think?


  1. Pastor, I do respect your opinion and I'm glad that you do preach the word of God and Biblical truths. And I know what you stand for and I pray for you and your families ministry.
    I don't believe that Robertson's statement was crude at all. These last years to America and the World sin has been white washed, so it's hard for them to know what sin is. So I believe that it's time the sin is named and brought froth, because of the lack of knowledge the world has of sin.
    I knew a Pastor from a Pentecostal Faith church, he went to pastor a church and
    preached and God led him to preach to the people on sin. After a few weeks of preaching the board came to him and ask him to tone it down on the sin preaching. He ask them the other preachers didn't preach against sin? They said oh yes he did, but he didn't name them.
    I believe it's time we name them. I mean it names them in the Bible and the Bible is the truth. And if you know the Truth the truth will set you free. That is the only thing that is going to free the sinners, (Homosexuals, lesbians, whore mongers, fornicators, adulterers, liars, thieves, etc).
    That's just what I see. I pray that The Robertson don't give in, because Phil was right, they have a big platform to share the Gospel on.
    Sometimes love is tough love!

  2. Hey Toby, when I use the word crude I use it as defined "in a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined." Not because he used the word homosexual but his reference to other body parts and their use. That was it. Not his reference to sin. I hope this clarifies what I was saying.

    I do agree that too many times the church is caught watering down the gospel message.

  3. You da man. No you da main man! Pope Hardee. Love ya brother